We are doing everything we can not to make Sicilian artisans and artists disappear.

We invite you to combine your brand with Sicilian creativity.

Our sponsorship and marketing partnerships offer remarkable opportunities to establish an emotional connection between your company and the Saf’s members and website visitors.

There are a number of ways a company can be engaged with S.A.F. and enjoy exclusive access to the benefits of our community.

Adopt a Sicilian artist

Art is a good way to make your life better in this planet. There is nothing more romantic than art.

Corporate Gifts

Choose an artwork, customize it with your brand, and gift it to your clients. Do you know something more prestigious than an artwork?

Sponsoring a S.A.F. video production (Art documentary)

You can sponsor a series of video productions on the world of art with your brand that will be spread, eternally, through our social channels, our website (which attracts 500,000 unique visitors annually) and at Splendid Sicily, the audio-video museum of Sicilian culture

Dress your company with S.A.F.

You can think of “dressing” your company through the creations of our artists and artisans: staff uniforms, furnishings, stationery …

S.A.F. yearbook (Art catalog)

Customize our yearbook with your brand, a preface created by you, images of your company. You will be thanked by all our artists and the governance of S.A.F. along the pages of the catalog. This book can also be a gift for your customers.

Please contact Giovanni Vallone, President of S.A.F., at +39 3475913083 or info@sicilianartisanfoundation.com to request information about sponsorship opportunities