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Vivere a colori

Paintings Acrylic on canvas Oil on canvas
Single artwork


Description by the artist

This painting breaks away from tradition, materializing in the exaltation of light and color; the crazy architectures are made more incisive on the canvas by this frame of multicolored prickly pears, and the little houses forming a tower show their arched profiles which, silhouetted against a landscape backdrop open to the sky, offer the idea of an immense nature and freedom; resembling soft hammocks that invite to  rest and meditation, while their unstable profiles allude to the caducity of the earthly things, in a lyric transfiguration of the reality (Valerio Evola)

Details and dimensions

Dimensions (cm): Height 150, Width 100
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

In this artwork, as if it were a book of Sicilian tales: the red domes of some churches in Palermo, the prickly pears, the clothes hanging, the sun, the coppi (Sicilian for tiles on the roofs of the houses), a ceramic pine cone, the palms and the sea. Welcome to Sicily. Blandi’s artworks are characterized by this gumminess that seems to want to accentuate the richness of history, traditions and culture of the island, heritages of which Sicily is so rich that they must become gummy, in Blandi’s vision, to enter all into a  canvas.

(photo) The typical coppi siciliani (tiles on the roof) in Prizzi, 1928

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Vivere a colori

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