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Venere ericina

Necklaces 925 Silver Coral Shells
Single artwork


Description by the artist

The artwork, with the colors of Sicily, is made of coral, natural shell and 925 silver.

Details and dimensions

Materials: 925 Silver Coral Shells
Dimensions (cm): Height 66
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

The processing of red coral from Trapani is an art that dates back to the eleventh century, when the Arabs ruled in Sicily. Since then, skilled Sicilian coral masters have created real masterpieces, such as nativity scenes, necklaces, bracelets, liturgical objects … in which the coral is often coupled with copper, gold, lava stone. Princes, cardinals, popes and wealthy aristocrats were among the great clients. If you come to Trapani you cannot  miss a visit to the Pepoli museum which preserves beautiful creations in red coral from Trapani.

Venus Erycina recalls the most famous temple of antiquity, that of Venus Ericyna precisely, located in the highest part of Erice. In this temple, where an eternal fire burnt, sacred prostitution was practiced and was an irresistible call for all sailors of 2500 years ago. There was also a sacred well that is still visible in the ruins of the castle.

(photo) Erica, View of castle and surrounding landscape, 1845

The Governance also suggests

The objective of the Governance is both to safeguard the traditions and ancient crafts of the people of Sicily, and to sustain economically the Artisans and the Artists, both the real ethno-anthropologists of the country.
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