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Sole Luna

Tapestries Cotton with acrylics
Single artwork


Description by the artist

The sun and the moon (Sole e Luna in Italian): they have always accompanied us, alternating in an endless ride; day and night, good and evil. Yin and Yang. Opposites yes, but complementary. In Sicily, the land that we love but also abused and gutted by many, coexist at the same time the good and bad, joy and sorrow, generosity and indifference, love and hate. Made of cotton canvas with acrylics. Unique Pieces.

Details and dimensions

Dimensions (cm): Height 160, Width 160
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

Sun, sea and good food are one of the slogans that accompany Sicily all over the world. But also Sun, art and hospitality; Sun, history and nature; Sun, cannoli and prickly pears … In short: the Sun, in the collective imagination, is always present when talking about Sicily. Sun that sometimes is too strong in summer, but in winter is a sweet blanket for the skin and, above all, for the soul. A land child of the Sun, no doubt about it.

(photo) Monreale, cathedral, central nave towards the presbitery, cc 1907

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Sole Luna

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