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Schiavi di sta bedda isola

Bracelets 925 Silver
Single artwork


Description by the artist

Schiavi di sta bedda isola (Sicilian for Slave of this beautiful island) is the name of this bracelet called “a schiava” (Sicilian for slave), an ancient jewel, imposed on the slaves to recognize them and to create a form of subjection to someone. In our days, having lost the meaning of the symbol of slavery, I want to think of it as a strong bond that symbolically binds us and bridles to our land: Sicily. Semu schiavi di sta bedda isola ( sicilian for we are slaves of this beautiful island). Because whoever is born an islander will remain so for the rest of their life, and even if he travels around the world he will always feel that he belongs to his land. My jewels are handmade and speak of land and roots, of sky and sea. They narrate my Sicily, its colors, its history, its strong contradictions. I was inspired by the prickly pear and its plots that bind us, harness us and that, magically, make us freer to dream. 925 Bleached silver. The manual realization creates irregular effects and small differences that make the jewel unique.

Details and dimensions

Materials: 925 Silver
Dimensions (cm): Height 50, Width 40, Depth 1
Weight (kg): 0.500
Handcrafted in Sicily

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The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

The prickly pears  (which inspired Roberto) are one of the great symbols of Sicily. They grow everywhere: on the sides of cliffs, in gardens, on the roofs of abandoned houses, on the sides of roads … Its fruit (ripe by the end of August) is delicious and much loved by Sicilians who also make rosoli and mostarda, a sweet typically prepared in jars, with the addition of carnations, cinnamon and almonds. Gelo is also very appreciated, a sort of gelatinous cream. Prickly pears were imported by Arabs during their domination (IX-XI century).

 (photo) Sicilian woman, 1940 cc

The Governance also suggests

The objective of the Governance is both to safeguard the traditions and ancient crafts of the people of Sicily, and to sustain economically the Artisans and the Artists, both the real ethno-anthropologists of the country.
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Schiavi di sta bedda isola

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