Russu Etna

Baskets (Panari) Hemp lustre
Single artwork


Description by the artist

One of the oldest and most traditional objects of daily life of a Sicilian. I became passionate about its realization by watching an old man making it. I do not know how I managed to steal the secrets of its realization: “nun su cosi di fimmina” ( sicilian for they are not things for women), he told me. But I think that deep down he was proud of me, of my tenacity in wanting to carry on this object so dear to the Sicilians: “u panaru” (Sicilian for basket)!


Details and dimensions

Materials: Hemp lustre
Dimensions (cm): Height 30, Width 25, Depth 25
Weight (kg): 0.400
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

U panaru siciliano is a basket made of hand woven branches, most of the times of reed or wild olive tree. Traditionally used to carry bread, eggs or fruit. Still today it can often be seen tied to a rope and lowered from the balconies. At the time, the technique of weaving was handed down from generation to generation, with the precise purpose that had nothing to do with beauty, but rather with the useful. Today, instead, these objects are embellished to honor the memory of those distant times where thanks to them all Sicily  moved (every worker had his basket).

(photo) Two carrettieri (cart drivers), in the inland of Sicily ready to bring fruit and vegetables in the town

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