Nuovo mondo

Lamps and chandeliers Poplar wood water-based paint
Limited artwork


Description by the artist

Luminous wall picture. Material: plywood. Samba wooden frame in 3 staggered overlapping strips dim. 20 x 30 mm. Water-based paint for wood. Internal wiring with switch and plug. Lampholders with small socket. The work was created looking at the sea. It is an invitation to discovery and the consequences entailed by taking on a journey that no one had ever thought of doing and which can lead to the discovery of new worlds.

Details and dimensions

Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

The Mediterranean Sea is the sea that bathes Sicily, an island that is located right in the middle of it and for this reason it has always been a coveted land for the control of the entire area.Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Siceliots … sailed it with their ships. It is a sea rich in varieties of fish. It is a sea rich in archaeological finds from ships sunk over the centuries. It is a sea that 50 million years ago dried up and then tectonic uplifts led it to form the current mountains of Sicily. That’s why you can find shells and fishes walking on the summits of eastern Sicily. It is a sea that reminds us of the Temple of Venus Erice, the most revered temple of antiquity of sailors, right on top of Mount Erice, western Sicily. It is the mare Nostrum!

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