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Mistero di Colapesce

Limited artwork


Description by the artist

Art Paper Framework. The work was created thinking about a forgotten myth told in Rosa Balistreri’s songs “Colapesce”. Paper is the material that constitutes it, simple to find and work with and stands out for its lightness and easy handling. There would be a void without the heroes who sacrifice themselves for our land. The message the work wants to give is this.

Details and dimensions

Dimensions (cm): Height 43, Width 33
Weight (kg): 1.6
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

COLAPESCE The legend of Colapesce is one of the most beautiful of Sicily, ancient of almost thousand years. Cola was a boy from Messina who loved to stay hours and hours under water. One day, King Frederick II came to know of this extraordinary fish-boy, arrived with his court aboard a boat and wanted to test the qualities of which so much was said. First he threw a cup and then a crown in bridges deeper and deeper. But Colapesce both times returned to the surface with the objects. The third time the King moved to the deepest point of the Strait of Messina and threw a ring. That time Cola did not resurface anymore. And it is said that while he was just under one of the three heads of the Sicilian triangle, Capo Peloro, he realized that it was collapsing.  And so he stayed down there, to support it, preventing Sicily from sinking.

Tags: Colapesce, Renato Guttuso painting

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