Lu munnu gira

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Description by the artist

The artwork Lu munnu gira (Sicilian for the world turn round) was inspired by the ancient history of Sicilian farmers, as they used the Sicilian cart to move from one place to another. This last one is an integral part of Sicilian culture; it was made of wood and iron. The wooden part was the muse of inspiration for poetry, the love of Sicilian art…. This is shown by the fact that it was totally decorated meticulously by hand.

Details and dimensions

Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions (cm): Width 30, Depth 30
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

U carrettu siciliano was the means of transport par excellence in the past centuries of the Sicilian people: both rich and poor. Basically it is a sort of wooden wheelbarrow pulled by horses. The peculiarity of the Sicilian cart was given by the sides of this structure, the sides, in which was almost always represented a scene of the Opera of the Puppets, representation of Sicilian puppets extremely popular since the seventeenth century (the cart itself was born around that time). Also, the cart was often very colorful in all its spaces, whether it was wheels, lateral woods, rods, etc.. Even the horse that pulled it, usually festive, was harnessed with bright colors. Needless to say, its more or less artistic opulence marked its social status.

(photo) The whole family in the cart, early 1900

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