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Description by the artist

Canvas, mixed tecnique,  3d texture effect. It is a Sicilian tradition to hang the  prickly pears leaves (more properly called “cladodes”) to the wall in order to ripen the fruits, allowing their consumption during the Christmas period (therefore, 4 months after harvest without deteriorating). Texture paintings , allows the viewer an experience as well as visual (3d), also tactile, as by resting your hands you can clearly perceive the structure of the wall, the rope used and the prickly pear leaves with a three-dimensional structure.

Details and dimensions

Materials: Mixed technique
Dimensions (cm): Height 42, Width 30, Depth 2
Weight (kg): 1
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

Prickly pears are one of the great symbols of Sicily. They grow everywhere: on the sides of cliffs, in gardens, on the roofs of abandoned houses, on the sides of roads … Its fruit (ripe by the end of August) is delicious and much loved by Sicilians who also make rosoli and mostarda, a sweet typically prepared in jars, with the addition of carnations, cinnamon and almonds. Gelo is also very appreciated, a sort of gelatinous cream. Prickly pears were imported by Arabs during their domination (IX-XI century).

(photo) Sicilian peasants, early 1900

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