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Intrecciatrici di aglio

Paintings Acrylic on canvas
Single artwork


Description by the artist

Here are the Intrecciatrici di aglio (Italian for garlic weavers) sitting outside the doors of their houses, in the warm Sicilian sun, working the bulbs. Nubia is known for its red garlic, and reminds me of my grandmother who used to cook the legendary pasta with garlic whose scent could be smelled from afar.

Details and dimensions

Materials: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions (cm): Height 50, Width 50
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

Nubia is a fraction of Paceco, western Sicily, famous all over the world for its salt evaporation ponds, in whose surroundings is cultivated both the highly valued red garlic and the yellow melon. Traditionally it is packed in very large braids (up to one hundred bulbs), destined to be hung in front of the balconies of houses. Hanging something outside, be it food or clothes, is a trademark of Sicilians!

(photo) Trapani and Paceco, the city in the landscape in the background, with sailing boats in the foreground, 1620 painting

The Governance also suggests

The objective of the Governance is both to safeguard the traditions and ancient crafts of the people of Sicily, and to sustain economically the Artisans and the Artists, both the real ethno-anthropologists of the country.
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Intrecciatrici di aglio

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