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Amenano fountain

Paintings Acrylic on canvas
Single artwork


Description by the artist

Here, through painting with brighter colors, I wanted to recreate above all the atmosphere around the characters of the sculptural group, the walls of the buildings and the chromatic effect of the water.

Details and dimensions

Materials: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions (cm): Height 70, Width 50
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

We are in Piazza Duomo in Catania, right where in the center stands u liotru (Elephant in Italian) sculpture in marble, granite and lava stone, symbol of the city. The fountain, at the foot of the liotru, is fed by the waters of the underground river of Catania, the Amenano, which suddenly appears right here: the source and path remain a mystery.  In front of the fountain is the Cathedral of St. Agatha (patroness of the city), built in the eleventh century, and today in Norman-Baroque style. Under it there are the Roman baths (IV-V century), which can be visited. Almost at the opposite side there is the famous Pescheria of Catania, characteristic  fish market of the Mediterranean.  And just behind the fish market here is the Amenano, which suddenly appears right here:  the source and path remain a mystery.  From this fountain (XIX century) the water of the river falls in rain, just like a sheet of water (hence the Sicilian name acqua a linzolu). From Piazza Duomo starts Via Etnea, the city lounge in Baroque style, which seems to end, long and straight, and in a truly scenic, right on top of the volcano Etna.

(photo) Amenano river, mouth

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Amenano fountain

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