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Coltello bisacquinese

Craft knives Horn Steel
Single artwork


Description by the artist

Thanks to its presumed Arab origin, Bisacquino has always been recognized as a village dedicated to craftsmanship, with a strong propensity for ironworking. Our knives are famous throughout the world. These are unique knives, with horn handles of sheep, goat or cow origin, with inlays of clear Arab influence and with a very special hot working (called abbruscatura in Sicilian).

Details and dimensions

Materials: Horn Steel
Dimensions (cm): Depth 28.50
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

The history of the Bisacquinese knife is linked to the village of Bisacquino, a small rural village in western Sicily whose name seems to derive from the Arabic “busa – kin “, meaning “Father of the knife”. The Sicily of the hinterland, of traditions, of ancient scents is the one that evokes both the village of Bisacquino and its knife, a working tool, to cut bread or cheese, to eliminate weeds in the fields and also to defend oneself or to offend in the past times.

 (photo) A Sicilian, photo, 1928

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