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Description by the artist

Tinsel, embroidery thread, beads, brass nun depicting the sacred heart, brass rattle, eco-leather.
Technique: Embroidery. 
Burnía, sf. (Sicilian; Calabrian; Piedmontese; Ligurian: brünia). ‘Cylindrical vase of glazed earthenware or crystal for storing fatty foodstuffs or medicines’. From its Arabic name, “burnïya”, also passed into Spanish (albornía) and, with a changed accent, into Catalan (al)búrnia, from which the Sardinian “bùrnia” depends.
It is part of the “Sikelia” collection.

Details and dimensions

Dimensions (cm): Height 7, Width 2, Depth 0.50
Weight (kg): 0.015
Handcrafted in Sicily
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