Ape regina

Prints Canvas
Limited artwork


Description by the artist

Although so remote, the dear old Ape still has a meaning of nostalgia of other times, flown away with lightness.

Details and dimensions

Materials: Canvas
Dimensions (cm): Height 70, Width 50
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

An explosion of Sicily given by the crowded houses, the red domes of the churches of Palermo, the sun, the clothes hanging, the prickly pears and palms. And then The lapa (Sicilian for motoape),  that means of transport very common in Sicily in the past but also today. The ice-cream man still passes by whistling with the whistle and inviting people to come out of their houses because the ice-cream has arrived; and the panelle (chickpea fritters) in Palermo are still fried in the large pot placed in the rear wagon of the lapa; and also peasants transport trees and tools;  Sicilians use it for many things. And then, to note, the ace of clubs, the symbolic card of the game of Sicilian Briscola, in the door.

(photo) The panelle vendor with his motoape-kitchen in Palermo

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Ape regina

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