A sirena di Vendicari

Lamps and chandeliers Ceramic Fabric
Single artwork


Description by the artist

My artwork is called the Sirena di Vendicari (Italian for The mermaid of Vendicari). The bowl of the lamp is modeled, once it goes through bisque firing, the bowl is glazed and goes through  glaze firing. Afterwards, the lamp is equipped with wiring lamp holder and special lampshade, to make valuable and functional this artistic object of furniture.The magical scenery of a seabed is the background to the presence of a sinuous mermaid who swims harmoniously as if it were inside the bowl of the lamp.

Details and dimensions

Materials: Ceramic Fabric
Dimensions (cm): Height 54, Width 11, Depth 11
Weight (kg): 0.744
Handcrafted in Sicily

The artwork in the Sicilian culture

By the Governance of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

The Mediterranean Sea is the sea that bathes Sicily, an island that is located right in the middle of it and for this reason it has always been a coveted land for the control of the entire area. The mermaids are mythological inhabitants of the Mare Nostrum (the name given by the Romans to the Mediterranean Sea) as much as the Nymphs are of the rivers of Sicily. This mermaid lives in the seabed of Vendicari, in the eastern part of Sicily. Vinnicari (Vendicari in Italian) is a kind of paradise 10 kilometers long in which there are beautiful beaches, Eloro (Siceliota city probably founded in the seventh century BC), tanks for the production of garum (Roman era, about II BC), church and Byzantine catacombs (V AD), Sveva tower (fifth century) and Tonnara (VIII century). All within a nature reserve full of swamps, Mediterranean vegetation and a varied troop of migratory birds. Fantastic!

(photo) Old tonnara in Vendicari

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