The Foundation

The creative people of Trinacria

Sicilian Artisan Foundation (S.A.F.) is a project of the Splendid Sicily Association to sustain the Sicilian creativity, over all to support the artisans and artists.

The objective of S.A.F is both to safeguard the traditions and ancient crafts of the people of Sicily, and to sustain economically the Artisans and the Artists, both the real ethno-anthropologists of the country.

The writers transcribing down through memory to the pen; artisans use their hands and flair.

Both use their hearts.

How S.A.F. supports Sicilian creativity

Sicilian Artisan Foundation sustains the creativity of its people through the following activities:


  • organization of exhibitions of Sicilian creativity / tradition at museums, cultural clubs, exhibition spaces …

Festival Sicilia

  • organization of shows (indoor or outdoor) with the simultaneous presence of creative stands and folkloristic and traditional Sicilian events (storytellers, puppeteers, musical events, on-site workshops, Sicilian cuisine …)


  • online and on site screenings
  • online and on site artist conversations
  • special events


  • online and on site workshops
  • online and on site classes  

Shop on line

  • online sale

The Governance and the Madrine (Godmothers)

Each creative has been included by the Governance, after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations: the material used, the subject matter, the tradition represented, the cultural value belonging to a land with 3000 years of history and ten different denominations. Last but not least, the aesthetic value and the appreciation of the artist by the market.

S.A.F., therefore, represents Sicily and Sicilianity according to a valuative view that goes beyond the simple object, and that expands into the culture of the people of the largest island in the Mediterranean.

As they say: art and history go arm in arm.

The S.A.F. evaluation committee consists of a Governance wich includes the so called Madrine (Godmothers), angels that protects the culture and traditions of the Sicilian people.


Make a difference for Art in Sicily, join the Circles

Philip Rizzo

Circle Benefactor

Executive of the following Malta Government Agencies:
Malta Development Corporation, Foundation for Medical Sciences, Malta Employment and Training Corporation and Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools. Now residing in Trecastagni (Sicily) and developer of Cirasa Luxury Escape (B+B) and San Anton Hotel and Restaurant.


Eliana Calandra

Artistic Director – Madrina (Godmother) of the Traditions

Director of the Historical Archives of the Municipality of Palermo, of the Sicilian Ethnographic Museum “Giuseppe Pitré” and of the city library system. Paleographer, ethno-anthropologist, author of many specialist publications, Eliana is a pillar of the Sicilian cultural scene.

Giovanni Vallone

President of Sicilian Artisan Foundation

Writer and radio-television author, Giovanni has dedicated his whole life to the study and dissemination of Sicily in the world. He is the President of the prestigious Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily, a museum of Trinacria.

Sara Favarò

Folkloristik director – Madrina (Godmother) of the Sun

Writer, poet, singer, actress, journalist, here it is Sara one of the most famous Sicilian ethno-anthropologists awarded repeatedly for the great contribute she is giving to her beloved homeland. Sara has written almost 100 books

Giuseppina Torre

Madrina (Godmother) of the Music

Acclaimed international pianist, awarded with acknowledgments and prizes all over the world, Knight of the Order “Al Merito of the Italian Republic”.

Maria Teresa Di Blasi

Art historian for S.A.F.

Anthropoligist, art historian, FAI (National Trust of Italy) and BC Sicilia manager

Betty Scaglione Cimò

Madrina (Godmother) of the African sea

Writer, poet, entrepreneur, Betty has always been close to the world of Sicilian crafts and art. She is the curator and promoter of various cultural.

Arianna Attinasi

Madrina (Godmother) of Madonie mountains

Publisher of Edizioni Arianna, wirter, teacher, singer, pianist. That’s Arianna, a girl full of life and culture. Since her young age she run a publishing house in Madonie mountain, an area with strong traditions and enchanting villages.

Irene Varveri Nicoletti

Madrina (Godmother) of the wheat

Writer, painter and author. Irene lives in the very inland of Sicily. Head of the tourist office of the municipality of Leonforte.

Carmela D’Amore

Australian Madrina (Godmother)

“Sicily is my biological mother” says Australian/Sicilian born Award winning, International Sicilian chef Carmela D’Amore, who is also an author who’s purpose is in the preservation of the Sicilian culture .

Michael Cavalieri

USA ambassador for S.A.F.

American actor and first time Writer/Director of Sicilian origins. His Directorial debut “RITORNATO” which he also stars in, was awarded a special grant by the Russo Brothers.

Romina Arena

Ambassador of S.A.F.

Born in Palermo, Sicily, Romina is a popera singer artist receiving multiple awards, performing concerts for important world celebrities as president Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, the Italian icons Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.

Totò Cascio

Ambassador of S.A.F.

Actor, his most famous performance was in Cinema Paradiso: the unforgettable child Salvatore. He lives in Bisacquino, an inland Sicilian village, where traditions and habits are still those of the Sicilia of the past.


Paola Lusco

Social media and marketing manager

Young promise of Italian journalism, Paola boasts several professional collaborations with various Sicilian media.

Alfio Di Mauro

Social media and marketing manager

Alfio is a teenager who, as well as many guys of the same age, is a brilliant connoisseur of the social media world.

Alessandra Giuliano

Chief Assistant

Sicilian, daughter of Etna, she takes care of the secretariat of the Sicilian Artisan Foundation and is the great link between artists and international media and Governance.