Each artisan has been carefully included after being evaluated for their creations of Sicilianità, overall: the material used, the subject represented, the representation of tradition, the cultural value that belongs to a land with 3000 years of history and ten different denominations, finally the beauty and appreciation for the artist of the (Mercato) market.

S.A.F., therefore, represents Sicily and Sicilianity according to a valuative view that goes beyond the simple object, and that expands into the culture of the people of the largest island in the Mediterranean.

As they say: art and history go arm in arm.

The S.A.F. evaluation committee consists of a Governance wich includes the so called Madrine (Godmothers), angels that protects the culture and traditions of the Sicilian people.

Eliana Calandra

Artistic Director – Madrina (Godmother) of the Traditions

Director of the Historical Archives of the Municipality of Palermo, of the Sicilian Ethnographic Museum “Giuseppe Pitré” and of the city library system. Paleographer, ethno-anthropologist, passionate about books and reading, author of many specialist publications, Eliana is a pillar of the Sicilian cultural scene.

Sara Favarò

Folkloristik director – Madrina (Godmother) of the Sun

Writer, poet, singer, actress, journalist, here it is Sara one of the most famous Sicilian ethno-anthropologists awarded repeatedly for the great contribute she is giving to her beloved homeland. Sara has written almost 100 books about Sicilian folklore, history, culture, food.

Mons. Antonino Raspanti

Religious exhibitions curator

Antonino Raspanti is an Italian Catholic bishop and vice-president for southern Italy of the Italian Bishops’ Conference. A man of great culture, always close to the world of art, Mons. Raspanti has signed and edited more than 50 publications on theological, philosophical and literary topics.

Betty Scaglione Cimò

Madrina (Godmother) of the African sea

Writer, poet, entrepreneur, Betty has always been close to the world of Sicilian crafts and art. She is the curator and promoter of various cultural events such as: conferences, exhibitions, editorial presentations, international awards.

Arianna Attinasi

Madrina (Godmother) of Madonie mountains

Publisher of Edizioni Arianna, wirter, teacher, singer, pianist. That’s Arianna, a girl full of life and culture. Since her young age she run a publishing house in Geraci Siculo, Madonie mountain, an area with strong traditions and enchanting villages.

Irene Varveri Nicoletti

Madrina (Godmother) of the wheat

Writer, painter and author. Irene lives in the very inland of Sicily. Head of the tourist office of the municipality of Leonforte.

Carmela D’Amore

Australian Madrina (Godmother)

“Sicily is my biological mother” says Australian/Sicilian born Award winning, International Sicilian chef Carmela D’Amore, who is also an author who’s purpose is in the preservation of the Sicilian culture through cultural stories, recipes, and travels to visit her motherland on an annual cultural and culinary tour to Sicily.

Giovanni Vallone

Public relations

Writer and radio-television author, Giovanni has dedicated his whole life to the study and dissemination of Sicily in the world. He is the President of the prestigious Cultural Department of Splendid Sicily, a museum of Trinacria, and promoter of S.A.F.

Romina Arena


Born in Palermo, Sicily. Adopted by the Al Pacino family from New York. Romina is a popera singer artist receiving multiple awards, performing concerts for important world celebrities like: president Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II at the Vatican,& the Italian icons Luciano Pavarotti Andrea Bocelli. Ambassador of our Department.

Totò Cascio


Actor, his most famous performance was in Cinema Paradiso: the unforgettable child Salvatore


Caterina Berlinguer

Social media manager

Belonging to one of the best known Italian families, Caterina has a degree in Political Science and a Master in Communication. She has always worked in the field of public relations, press office and training. She is particularly well known in the world of art and Italian nobility.

Rosadea Fiorenza


Rosadea is an artist, daughter of Platimiro, the most famous coral maker in Sicily. She is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, and the promoter of numerous international events dedicated to art.

Alessandra Giuliano

Chied assistant

Sicilian, daughter of Etna, she takes care of the secretariat of the Sicilian Artisan Foundation and is the great link between artists and international media and Governance.