Teresa Natoli
"Art is a portal to the worlds that everyone has within themselves"

Teresa Natoli is a creative and passionate about art and fashion as well as one of the latest stylists specialized in creating hairstyles for women. Thanks to her studies and her atypical and incisive personality, she demonstrates a growing interest in the world of perfumes and, thanks to the collaboration with a well-known maison, she creates her own personal line of parfum extracts made in Italy: Emomi. These perfumes were created with the precise aim of bringing a sensual and prestigious note to the world of perfumery without ever falling into the banal. The artist represents this passion for slightly retro art also with her perfume bottles, standing out for her originality: the cap, the packaging and everything are in fact reminiscent of the flasks that were used in the 1930s.

Noemi Scaffidi (daughter of Teresa), a theater actress, born in Messina, in 1997 collaborates her mother in the Emomi perfume project.

“Sicily in our artistic products is an overbearing background; draws the lines of the stories we tell and imposes itself with its unmistakable scents and colors that, who has seen them at least once, will keep them in their hearts forever”

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     Smell has always been one of the most mysterious senses due to its close correlation with limbic memory, an ancestral memory capable of immediately associating a memory or emotion with a fragrance, making them relive even after many years: images olfactory, unlike the visual ones, manage to remain intact over time.
    This is why the perfumes of Noemi Scaffidi – that she is also an artist and theater actress – immediately evoke Sicily, with their warm notes of lemon and bergamot on a musky base.
    And even before diving into the fragrances, the beautiful packaging of the bottles, with the colored dark browns or the “triskel”, tell us about Sicily and traditions, interpreted with taste and sensitivity.

    Eliana Calandra, Madrina of Traditions