Silvana Surace
Art is the other way of talking to oneself and others, without uttering a word.

Silvana Surace is a self-taught artist of oil paintings and more. Through time her works have certainly undergone a technical metamorphosis. They carry with them a message that can be of strength and courage or simply of joy and love, with windows on the world of landscapes imbued with serenity. She has participated in several personal and collective exhibitions, including the International ones. Her works are present on art catalogs, one among the many the most prestigious art catalog of 2020 “L’Arte in Quarantena”

“With art one can go so deep where with gestures and words it is not possible to arrive. The heart of Sicily is passion, warmth, love and fraternity. Just as the colors of the sea, sky and land combine with each other, so do its scents, its intense flavors and steeped in culture and tradition”

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    The paintings of Silvana Surace have a characteristic that makes them unique and unmistakable: they should be enjoyed with all five senses. It is not, in fact, simple visual art. We smell the scent of those oranges placed inside a colorful cart. We touch them, in a sort of virtual three-dimensionality of the painting. We taste the thick and sweet juice, we hear the sound of the peel that comes off the pulp when it is cut. In the canvases of Silvana Surace, natural landscapes, faces, architecture, alternate on the basis of a common denominator: the brightness of the Sicilian land and its inhabitants.

    Eliana Calandra, Madrina of Traditions