Master and cane craftsman
Sebastiano Cavallaro
"The ancient art of the Sicilian cane is the projection of an ancient memory, when man thanked the creation."

Sebastiano Cavallaro was born in Acireale on september 26, 1944. In his sporting career he has been a black belt in Karate, having a solid training he applied the correct use of postures to the Ancient Art of the Sicilian Cane. Since he was a child he attended the masters of the canes, especially the master Mario Fichera, one of the greatest and most recognized Sicilian cane masters. When he understood the technique of the ancient school he began to create canes according to the ancient law of the harvesting from trees such as the wild olive tree and the bitter orange and together with artists of the pictorial art of the Sicilian cart, embellishes them by making them unique. In his life it has been determinant the knowledge of Alosha, the Dance story of Sicily, and with so much passion he instructed him in the art of the cane, evolving this ancient art together with the art of choreography, in a unique artistic form able to be spread all over the world.

Sicily is nature, colors, friendly people, passion and poetry

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