Salvo Bumbello
“Art is my life. When a puppet is born it is as if a child were born to me. And I never want to leave him. I feel like Geppetto with Pinocchio"

Salvo Bumbello comes from thef amous family of Palermo puppeteers over two generations, has collaborated with the most important Puppeteers Opera companies in Palermo. In addition to building the puppets, he is also a skilled puppeteer able to givethem movement through their staging. He collaborates with the International Puppet Museum Antonino Pasqualino in Palermo.

“At the age of seven, like my father’s age, was when I first went down to the workshop and since then I have always done this profession: the puppet maker. I love animating my puppets and doing shows with the family company”

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Mobile and Whatsapp +39 347 599 5278

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    “Salvatore Bumbello is a child of art. His father, Luciano, made their last name historic as part of the Sicilian puppets. The heads of the puppets of the Bumbello’s, rigorously made of wood, are real works of art capable of giving life, expression, soul, temperament, to inanimate puppets which, thanks to the mastery of Luciano, before, and Salvatore, today, they are real works of art. Salvatore is a well-rounded artist”

    Sara Favarò, Madrina of the sun