Salvatore Longo
"Art is the introspective exercise that serves to make one see what is hidden; touch the unfathomable; float the soul!"

Salvatore Longo was born in Catania in February 1967. He studied at the Leonardo Da Vinci Institute of Catania where he obtained his scientific degree in 1985. He approaches the music by learning to play the saxophone as a self-taught, he attended the Faculty of Political Science in Catania graduating in 1997. He cultivates two passions: one for the music and one for the wood, that pushes him to a search of an original Design that has its roots in the tradition of this art. He defines himself as a carpenter.

“Passion moves the world!”

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    Salvatore Longo. Lines and details, shades. Calm colors and diffused warmth. A graceful and enveloping song from the land to the sky.

    Arianna Attinasi, Madrina of the Madonie