Salvatore Ingala
"Art allows you to give voice to your thoughts, to depict emotion, to tell the story. It's a wonderful world, where the soul communicates with vibrant colors."

Salvatore Ingala lives and works in Canicattì. Self-taught artist, he has since his youth an innate predisposition for artistic drawing, but especially for the use of colors. Although not following academic courses, shows great artistic talent to the point that, at the age of fourteen ,he exhibited in Rome at the Cultural Center the Camera Verde along with renowned painters. His passion for painting grows exponentially over the years, and his creative spirit finds expression in the creation of jewelry and artifacts with unique and extremely original compositions. The clean and rigorous lines, together with the elegant stroke and the choice of fluid and vibrant colors expertly crafted, give each of his work a perfect synthesis between harmony and balance, highlighting a very realistic style.

“In my paintings emerges the Sicilian history and tradition, of the old masters carradori (cart –builder)s . They are dominated by yellow, red, green, and blue, the colors that recall the sulfur, citrus, sky and sea, and the lava of Etna.

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    An explosion of vibrant and vivid colors frames the tales and stories. The art of Salvatore Ingala is Sicily that crosses the eyes to caress the heart.
    Irene Varveri Nicoletti, Madrina of Wheat