Rosalba Gambino
"Art is a touch of Eternity that man discovers only when he can look within himself."

Rosalba Gambino was born in 1978 and graduated from the “Mario D’Aleo” Art Institute of Monreale. After graduation she devoted herself to art and through some projects she creates art paths for children and young people in museums and school facilities. In 2019, driven by the love for her land, she creates a Sicilian Brand still appreciated by those who come to know it, called “Pezzi i Core” (Pieces of heart). Therefore, she decides to devote and invest her time for the growth of the same, through the creation of illustrated dames who tell Sicily through their outfit and their hairstyle.

“I can say that, each of my works is the result of love and research for details. Every single subject is elaborated after a careful reflection and attention to details. Through the dames I tell part of the Sicilian culture. I paint beauty, joy, culture and history, through a completely new language and out of stereotypes”.


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    Imaginative symbolism that of Rosalba Gambino. Her women incorporate the most important Sicilian monuments, representative of the history, culture, politics of the island. The places become body and soul. The closed eyes of the women hide thoughts in power, mysteries of the infinite that can become everything or nothing.

    Arianna Attinasi, Madrina of the Madonie