Rosalba D’Arienzo
"ART is ABSOLUTE FREEDOM...sublime MYSTERY that projects the ARTIST into that PRECIOUS in EMOTIONS...called SOUL"

The artist Rosalba D’Arienzo, was born in Castelvetrano where she lives and works. From an early age she manifested her strong passion for painting. A child of art, her mother used to paint, she immediately felt a love for creativity and for all that is beautiful. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. She is already an established and well-known artist both in Italy and abroad. Her works, reviewed and evaluated by important critics, have received various awards and recognitions, and are kept in Churches, Museums and in private collections.

“I had been thinking about it for many years and lately the dream is coming true, wanting to paint Sicily, my land, representing it as a beautiful woman, each time making it particular, with a new connotation, modern, going beyond the usual vision. Faces are the main subject, around which revolve symbolic figures, easy to interpret . Each of my paintings wants to tell a story, a fable, a tale, a myth, of this unique , wonderful land.”

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    Rosalba D’Arienzo, in art RoD’A’, draws her inspiration from Sicily and Sicilianity, which is the common denominator of her art, whether when she reinterprets the classical repertoire of myths (Medusa , Gorgon) through female images with strong colors, or when her reflection dwells, Pirandellianly, on the mask that hides a face, or on an empty stage. Or when she symbolically depicts a book as a glimpse of the world. In all cases, the Sicilian universe shines through: atmospheres, colors, emotions.
    “Her” Sicily is a beautiful and passionate woman who is not afraid to offer herself to the gaze of those who admire her.

     Eliana Calandra, Madrina of  Traditions