Roberto Intorre
"I am searching for the Sicilian identity. I allow myself to be inspired by this land rich in knowledge, colors, contradictions, and traditions"

Roberto Intorre, is a Sicilian architect and goldsmith. His works narrate Sicily starting from the materials to continue with the narratives and traditions. His jewels, entirely handmade, are designed to match the personality of the wearer. In 2016, his “Gocce di Magma” collection was chosen by the British Museum in London to represent the craftsmanship of excellence inspired by the Sicilian identity. In 2018 he won the Premier of OroArezzo with the Cieco per Amore (Blind for Love) bracelet.

“Jewelery is a passion and it is also a pretext. I like to go from micro to macro because in many contests I see the possibility of developing my idea of architecture: from the design and construction of film sets, to the installation of exhibition spaces to the design of interior furnishings. I spend my free time with my daughter Cloe immersed in the nature of the Sicilian countryside, where I find inspiration and where I’m still lucky enough to be able to listen to my parents’ stories”

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    “They swim, float, dart … swing … and sparkle. Not in the sea. Not in the wind or in the air. They sparkle on you. They strike, enchant and make them sparkle with their light and their movement. They are the jewels of a magical and skilled craftsman!”

    Betty Scaglione Cimò, Madrina of the African sea