Friscalettu (Builder of Sicilian tin whistle)
Riccardo Termini
"Music like life can only be done in one way: together"

Riccardo Termini is a young artist of Polizzi Generosa (nice village in the Madonie mountains), guardian today of an ancient musical tradition that has almost disappeared. Riccardo plays and builds the friscaletto, the main instrument of the Sicilian tradition and perhaps ancestor of all wind instruments. His talent led him to play in various parts of Italy and abroad and in 2019 Riccardo also landed on TV to show his art with a friscaletto that he built no less with chocolate.

“I fell in love with the friscaletto at the age of 10 and was soon intrigued by trying to build one. After several attempts I have succeeded in my intent and today I build professional friscaletti in various shapes”

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Mobile and Whatsapp +39 327 866 2432

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    “Riccardo Termini is a young talent from the Madonie mountains and the Sicilian territory. His friscaletti have toured the world, they are born from his precious hands and from his breaths that smell of wind, quiet and pleasant storm. His breath collects memories of bygone times, grandmothers’ voices and square dance steps, hopes of the future. He reports the sounds of conquests, deep seas of emotions, wrecks that become obelisks”

    Arianna Attinasi, Madrina delle Madonie