Ramona Mirabella
"Tradition is always the basis of my work but with a creative drive of innovation and originality I continue to tell through the creations the “mia terra” where I live and work: my Sicily"

Ramona Mirabella was born in Catania. After various experiences in architecture and interior design studios, in 1998 she began from a self-taught path in the world of craftsmanship and ceramics in particular. She immediately focused on the study and deepening of Sicilian popular culture. Her laboratory, a real den, where her grandfather first and then her father dried the anchovies (and Ramona still kept the barrels symbolizing that ancient craft), is located in the heart of Catania, in the popular district of “Angeli Custodi“

“The magic of my work consists in always uniting the four elements so different from each other such as earth, water, air and fire with love, art and technique”

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    “That of ceramics is an ancient art that has its roots in the history of Sicily. Ramona Mirabella creates her art objects inspired by the colors, shapes and techniques of the best Sicilian artisan tradition. Tiles, furnishing objects, pine cones, owls, turtles, oil lamps and colorful dishes, among the fish-shaped ones stand out, tell us about the Island of the Sun”

    Eliana Calandra, Madrina of traditions