Platimiro Fiorenza
"Art: sublimity of creation, human sensitivity, enchantment of beauty, continuation of life, the millennial goal of humanity."

Platimiro Fiorenza was born in Trapani in 1944. The son of a gold smith and coral craftsman, growing up in his father’s workshop, at the age of seven began working with gold, silver and coral, learning the stones and making his first engravings. His works are exhibited in several prestigious places, including the VATICAN. As he Master to the wonderful Sicilian coral, Platimiro has received awards from all over the world including the UNESCO award, which included him in the “Book of Living Human Treasures.

“Sicily is that Island that has no equal in the world: for its sun, its food, its natural beauty, and for the history that is hers. That’s why Sicily has been and still is a destination for travellers, historians, artists, poets and writers”

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    “Coral, with its colors ranging in multiple shades of red, represents in its polychrome essence the maximum expression for the joy of living.  Joy that rises to the highest emotional states,thanks to the skilful art of Platimiro Fiorenza. Art and matter, a perfect combination of beauty, elegance and harmony between what nature gives us and thanks to the authentic mastery of a great artist, becomes an imperishable work of art “

    Sara Favarò, Madrina of the Sun