Paints with straw threads
Pino La Barbera
“Art is for me is the expression of ones inner self. Many people do not know that they have potential within them and therefore do not manifest their knowledge and their attitudes. It’s a pity"

Pino La Barbera, is a figurative artist born in Castronovo di Sicilia, western hinterland of the island, the kingdom of rippled valleys and the infamous green mountains of wheat, the kingdom of Demeter and Apollo and home of traditions. Pino creates paintings with straw threads, a distinct symbols of the peasant culture of the land that Pino comes from. Sicily, the granary of Rome, relives in the paintings of La Barbera.

“Never, ever have I forgotten my Sicilian origins. Every year I go to Sicily, and every time I visit my beautiful land, rich in its art, traditions and natural beauties “

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Mobile and Whatsapp +39 338 471 2911

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    Each creative has been included by the Governance after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations

    “Pino La Barbera was chosen for his skills of his art that is so deep rooted in Sicilian culture made of straw threads. Threads that are the primary source of the natural chiaroscuro of the different types of Sicilian wheat and, thanks to the duration of their exposure to the sun, become images, beauty, living representation of our island. No brushes, no colors, just nature which, thanks to its magical art, acts as a means of light and heat”

    Sara Favarò, Madrina of the sun