Nunziello Marotta
Art is the most tangible testimony of man's passage on this earth. Art is eternal life, without art it is only hell.

Nunziello Marotta, was born in Palermo on March 27, 1973. He studied Dental Technology and then enlisted in the Italian Army as a Petty Officer. He has participated in many humanitarian and peace missions with the UN and NATO. Nothing had been created in terms of art before the shutdown for emergency covid. Only in the lockdown period buying a small canvas he tried to paint and discovered this new passion: painting.

“The greatest civilizations in history have lived for centuries in Sicily. They have abused it, plundered it and loved , leaving it the immensity of their traditions. Today our land preserves a genetic heritage recognizable especially in the art that distinguishes it in the world”

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    Nunziello Marotta, in art Numa, comes to painting from a formative and working path very distant from the world of art. Due to those unpredictable circumstances that, in a completely casual way, mark a turning point in his life, he discovers his passion for figurative art during the lockdown. From his brush come out expressive faces of women, of all ethnic groups, city monuments and colorful decorations that speak Sicilian, managing to synthesize, in the stroke and colors, the richness of the history of our land.

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