Wood sculptor
Maurizio Russo
“The beauty of art is to imagine the essence of art itself in a different and boundless way”

Maurizio Russo was born in Vittoria on May 11 1967. By some years he has devoted his life to the artistic activity recovering and subsequentely working woods beached on the sea or on the rivers. He has participated many events and exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

My works want to focus on the perception of the senses by observing forms without details that only the imagination can fill. My goal is to eliminate the boundaries between visible and invisible, thanks to the great gift that mother nature makes available to us, giving us natural materials that become an integral part of ourselves and that want to be a bridge of union between human beings and nature.

“I feel fortunate to be born in this wonderful land: Sicilia is one of a kind and give me the opportunity to find my woods whom I give again life”

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Mobile and Whatsapp +39 393 365 6448

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