Painter and Artisan
Marisa Di Mitri
Art is the outward expression of an inner monologue. The artist has always been the one who makes the invisible visible".

Marisa Di Mitri was born in Palermo in 1958. In 1976 she graduated from Art School. She is a total artist: dance, theater, sculpture, painting, crafts. Artist of her own life, she is a consultant in Personalistic Anthropology.

“I believe that what distinguishes my art is the scent of Sicily, in the colors, shapes and contents that leak out. The history, culture and labor of a people from the sweet sour taste inspire and take shape in the expressive manifestations of my creativity.

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    Each creative has been included by the Governance after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations

    Marisa Di Mitri , versatile and original artist, finds no limits of materials, shapes and colors to express her creativity. From the abstract canvases – an explosion of colors – to the Madonnas and Child that recall the Byzantine icons for the hieraticity and the golden backgrounds, up to objects of high craftsmanship such as painted bags or crocheted bags, each work of this artist draws inspiration from the land of Sicily, between nature and culture.

    Eliana Calandra, Madrina of Traditions

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