Maria Teresa Canalella
"Art transfers emotions, creates joy, enriches the spirit. Blessed are those who have the possibility of touching it with their hands and being able to enjoy it in any form."

Artist, art therapist, teacher, Maria Teresa Canalella has always been attracted by art in all its forms. Even as a child she loved to paint on any surface: floors, walls, fabric, everyday objects. Growing up, she showed particular interest in ceramic decoration. At the same time as her academic studies, she therefore attended specialization courses at the major laboratories specialized in the production and decoration of artisanal ceramics in Santo Stefano di Camastra and Caltagirone, but also in Deruta and Urbania, achieving an ever greater mastery of decorative techniques and materials. You have also broadened your skills and refined your technique in Durantina, Istoriata, Renaissance, Liberty and modern decoration. She is qualified to teach Drawing and Art History and Art Education at Secondary School. Maria Teresa has always believed in the therapeutic value of art and in this regard she wanted to give a scientific significance to her thoughts by attending the “Art Therapy Italiana” school of art therapy and obtaining the diploma in Art Therapist. In recent years you have carefully approached oil painting on porcelain and canvas. You have exhibited your creations in the Nisseno area, participating in collective exhibitions and also staging personal exhibitions.

“Painting takes me away from the world around me to enter another dimension, this dimension often represents my roots, therefore Sicily. All this has a cathartic effect for me that frees my mind and enriches my spirit.”


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