Sacred and ethnic painting
Lucia Stefanetti
“I have a yearning for images that reconnect the inside and the outside, the sky and the earth .... transforming graphite and colors into glimmers of light. Because one can discover the beauty of art where God has placed it”

Lucia Stefanetti, is an artist, who lives her life in Sicily, in the town of Sciacca. In a town that is fascinated by contemporary sacred art, Lucia has the opportunity to further expand her inspiration with the Arab Scents close to the African sea. The contents of “else where” are transported by Lucia into female and male graphite figures on wood or oil on canvas, fabric and stone. The Sicilian saints are her muses.

“I got married young and today I am also a grandmother! For a woman in the year 2000, working for ecclesial commission was a milestone”

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    A master of chiaroscuro, covers her figures in lights and shadows, creating a particular atmosphere with a peculiarity made up of soft and, at times, sharp lines”

    Betty Scaglione Cimò, Madrina of the African sea

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