Lucia Marino
"In my opinion, art is my greatest emotion that arises and flows to the viewer, a great emotion that you cannot explain. Since it goes beyond reasoning. It affects all the senses"

Lucia Marino was born in Regalbuto, a small town in the Sicilian hinterland. Inclined from an early age towards the artistic field, Lucia studied art in Enna and today is an expert in the decoration of ceramics and glass. Today in her workshop Lucia creates various ceramic objects that she decorates by hand, artistic glass windows made in classic glass fusion, two-strokes and blasting, and historiated.

“I love  to decorate hand made rustic bricks underneath Mount Etna and I add lava stone dust to the clay mixture”.

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Mobile and Whatsapp +39 366 254 2152

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    “Owning her ceramics means holding a piece of Sicilian history. Looking at her art, brings me much happiness, because in Lucia’s art I relive the cultural past of my island”

    Carmela D’Amore Australian madrina

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