Coral jeweler
Laura Di Giovanna
"For me, art is something that seems to come out of nowhere but is actually infused with meanings of a lived life, through, experiences, and emotions that find their way out, through dancing, singing, poetry, painting, sculpture ... "

Laura Di Giovanna Nocito is an artisan and a jewelry designer. Specializing in the restoration of antique jewellery, she attended the prestigious workshops and had masters considered a UNESCO heritage. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and specialized in decoration and painting. Laura took on after a  100 years the activity of her great-grandmother, she started in 1905. She often dives herself to collect coral.

“I have two dreams: one is to create jewellery with my own brand, the other is to make known to the world the coral of Sciacca that I learned to work with, like the ancient coral masters of Sciacca.”

The opinion of the Governance

Each creative has been included by the Governance after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations

“Laura Di Giovanna Nocito is an artisan-creator of corals. She is rightfully called the Queen of Coral. Her works are known throughout the world. With the famous coral of Sciacca, she creates original and precious jewels. Her creativity gives life tothe coral illuminating it with light and making it precious and wearable at any age and at any time of the day”.