Jonny Carolla
"Art is Soul, Feeling, it is the truest part, intimate and suffered expression of those who "feel" life differently...the gift is of few, but each of us perceives its majestic and eternal beauty"

Painter by chance or by need, by passion or perhaps madness. A student of economics, he draws and consults, overwhelmed by numbers and paperwork, one day he listens to that not-so-silent voice from when he was a student on the run. The most important, most intense and gratifying moments become the sleepless nights, when an inspiration breaks into a dream and makes him jump up at dawn, bringing him in front of a sleepy canvas that shortly after wakes up, filled with colors, reflections, lights and shadows. His canvases reflect every corner of his crooked and somewhat twisted soul, and if even a small part of his being comes through, it intrigues, it amazes. It is in this way that he feels free and happy again, like that boy who drew in secret and who stunned painted the world with the eyes and the spirit of a dreamer.

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    Each creative has been included by the Governance after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations

    Brushstrokes that become alleys, spatula strokes that give life to views, shades of colors and reflected light. The Sicily painted by Jonny Carolla is loved and narrated. It is a suffered fascination, reworked, sublimated and given.

    Irene Varveri Nicoletti, Madrina of Wheat