Drawing with lava ash
Giusy Trovato
"Art is like the reflection of a mirror, a feeling of the soul, that guides my hand to create”

Giusy Trovato was born in Catania. Since she was a child has been passionate about drawing. At the beginning of 2021, with the event of the paroxysm of her beloved Etna, her talent emerged absolutely by chance, thus finding the religious inspiration to create real works of art with volcanic ash on the terrace of her house.

“I am wife and mother and I have no artistic basis. A feeling of soul guided my hand to create religious faces to pay homage to my faith. From here, necessity virtue, I put my works on canvas. From the snowy peaks of my volcano to the sweet scent of the sea passing from the smell of orange blossom to Sicilian folklore”

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    “If Etna screams, the lava ashes in Giusy Trovato’s hands dance on the canvas to the sound of a religious melody. It becomes art, drawing and a sign of her faith and mirror of her devotion”

    Irene Varveri Nicoletti, Madrina of wheat