Fusion of lava with glass
Giuseppina Toscano
"Art for me is the energy flow that gives life and nourishes the Soul and Life in the Universe..."

Raised in the workshop by her glassmaker father, Giuseppina Toscano, teacher at the artistic institute M.M. Lazzaro in Catania, began her career making artistic stained glass for Sicilian churches and residences. Her creative spirit and her nature as an alchemist has led her to a point to melt together glass, lava stone and clay, giving birth to her Craters, colorful sculptures, which Giuseppina has shown all over the world. The discovery, was found being unique in the world, and therefore, once the “bireau of patent” had carried our the due case analysis, she was given the official patent document for her development process (1999).

“The experience has led me to be able to condense every moment of pain, joy and passion in my creations. The lava stone of Etna is the base on which I base the glass and its colored transparencies, a constant element in my life”

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    “Colors, and more colors, as deep as our emotions. An artist with a boundless vision, without judgment, cheeky in colors, who reveals a true soul who is not afraid and just wants you to see beauty”

    Carmela D’Amore, Madrina Australiana