Giuseppe Severini
" The Art of Lutherie operates the transformation of matter into sound."

After graduating in Medieval History in 1981, he studies music theory with the Maestro Pietro Righini. He attends the workshops of several luthiers specialized in the construction of lutes. Since 1985 he has been reconstructing ancient musical instruments: lutes, lyres, hurdy-gurdies, harps, salteri, vielles, focusing mainly on the organology of the XI – XIII centuries.  He has dedicated much attention to the study of the Organistrum, to its reconstruction and to its performance possibilities, creating instruments, participating in concerts and conferences, and editing various publications. He has recently developed a new, original methodology for the construction of medieval vielle and salteri and collaborates with Italian institutions (Institute of Sicilian Archeoastronomy) and foreign ones (Les Prieuralese Conservatoire Honegger of Le Havre, L’Instrumentarium de Chartres) aimed at safeguarding the cultural heritage.

Many models of musical instruments that I have studied and reconstructed come from Sicilian works of art. The paintings of the Palatine Chapel of Palermo, those of the cathedral of Cefalù, the sculptures of the portal of the Cathedral of Messina and I could give many other examples,  they contain representations that are fundamental for organology and knowledge of musical practice of the past


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