Light objects
Giuseppe Coppolino
"Art can manifest itself in any period of a person's life and when it happens you have to set it free like horses in a prairie"

He has worked professionally as an architect since 1992. He has taught geometric disciplines at art institutes and taught creative drawing, digital drawing and editorial graphics. He taught at the Kandinskji Academy of Fine Arts in Trapani, Planning of Urban and Territorial Systems, Virtual Architecture, Graphic Design, Representation of Architecture, Modeling. He has participated in personal exhibitions in: Munich, the art area of Villa Niscemi, Casole D’Elsa. He created coordinated graphics for events and conferences. He has participated in photography exhibitions. He designs, designs and self-produces wooden objects that have light as their common denominator.

“There is a mythical and heroic part of Sicily still to be explored that is waiting to manifest itself in the contemporary world with other languages through art”


Mobile and Whatsapp: +39 3387723853

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