Poet, sculptor, writer, artisan
Giovanna Fileccia
"In my imaginative-artistic world, poetry and matter live in sync. Art is, for me, an essence that is completed when it is intertwined with the Everything that surrounds me"

Giovanna Fileccia is the inventor of a new artistic expression that she herself has called Sculpted Poetry: three-dimensional works that she has been creating since 2013 taking inspiration from her poems, and which call for respect for the environment and the reuse of materials, as well as respect for the Earth. In recent years she has established herself as a poet, sculptor, writer, journalistic collaborator, blogger, playwright, fabulist, literary critic, creator and host of literary and culture columns and thinking and artistic workshops, radio speaker and presenter. She deals with artistic sewing. For her, her fabric is a source of continuous experimentation which very often recalls her style made up of spirals, circles and harmonious shapes: the SpiralCoffa bags are an example of this. She uses precious fabrics such as silks and velvets. Each artifact – bags, cushions, carpets, curtains, sculptures, tapestries, etc. – is unique and original and combines tradition with the innovation that is typical of her vision as an artist/artisan. Journalists, literary critics and art and culture experts have been busy making art out of her.

In the mirror of the Sicilian sea, art is reflected and gives its salary to the world”   from Marhanima by Giovanna Fileccia -Ed. Symposium 2017




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