Pincisanti - Glass Painting
Francesca Gucciardi
"Art is the soul's need to show its face"

Francesca Gucciardi was born in Palermo in 1968 where she lives and works. Since she was a child she shows a strong interest in the world of art. She achieves the Diploma of Master of Art in Lacquer and Gilding and then the Diploma of  Applied Art in Pictorial Decoration at the State Institute of Art in Palermo. During her studies she has the opportunity to collaborate with a workshop of art and restoration and she comes into contact for the first time with the Sicilian Glass Painting, an ancient traditional folk art almost disappeared. During this period of collaboration, which lasted twenty years, fascinated by the beauty of these artifacts from the transparency of the glass and the brilliance of the colors, she deepens the study of history and the technique of painting and begins, at the same time, the research for the same both in Sicily and abroad, which will lead, over time, to the creation of a collection of considerable artistic value. The love for painting on glass and in particular for that of the Pincisanti, painters of sacred and devotional images inspired by those present on engravings and prints and active in Sicily between 800 ‘and 900’, leads her towards the realization of her own production of paintings under glass, using the same painting techniques and sources of inspiration.

“Land of colors, smells and ancient tragedies, adorned by lemons and oranges, with a Norman face and a Moorish soul.”

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    Francesca Gucciardi renews in her works a technique of popular art: the painting on glass. Giuseppe Pitrè speaks at length about the so-called “pincisanti”, painters who at the time – between the end of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century – painted on glass the mirrored image of a predetermined model, usually taken from a devout print.  The themes of the paintings on glass all belong to the religious universe: the Holy Family, the Nativity, Saints, Madonnas.

     The Nativity, Saints, Madonnas and biblical scenes are the most frequent subjects. We also find them in the works of Francesca Gucciardi that take us back to an atmosphere of yesteryear, magical and a bit naive, and in an artistic dimension where history, traditions and culture blend with creativity, art and colors.

    Eliana Calandra, Madrina of Traditions