Tamburiddaru (Builder of Sicilian drums)
Fabrizio Fazio
"What cannot be expressed through with a pen and paper is expressed across in art"

Fabrizio Fazio was born in Gangi in 1987. From an early age he enters into the world of drums observing the ancient artisans and he soon learns the art of manufacturing. Today Fabrizio creates, frame drums, medieval, imperial and tamborines taking care of the fabrication process in detail to restore life into unique creations. Fabrizio Fazio is also a “drummer” and is often invited to take part in television programs and talk about his drums.

“I remember that as a child I was amazed to see the elders playing the drums at religious processions. I immediately fell in love with this instrument, I felt it inside my veins, inside my body. And today I am able to say that I have fulfilled the child’s dream: to be a drummer”

The opinion of the Governance

Each creative has been included by the Governance after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations

“Fabrizio builds and plays, the Sicilian drums (tambureddo) representing an era when everything was hand-made with pride and respect. A passionate artist who is a reflection of the island’s symphony through the sound of his drum”

Carmela D’Amore, Australian madrina