Dario Liotta
"For me, art is giving a subjective form to beauty, seeking the light that illuminates our souls, an essential reference of all eras, a universal language that travels beyond every barrier"

Dario Liotta was born in Catania in 1979 and has always lived in Acireale. In 2016, from his intuition, the art of the coriandolata was born, which harmonizes the monochromatic confetti from the Acireale area (unique in the world) with the volcanic sand of Etna, giving life to exclusive works of art. The works are created on any surface and vary in size (the largest  measures 220 square meters, while the smallest 7 cm square). They have impromptu assets in large part of the world.

““I am a father of two beautiful children and a native from the Acireale area,I have always breathed art, especially that linked to papier-mâché. Acireale, in fact, is the home to one of the most important carnivals in Italy. My attention has always been drawn to these small pieces of paper: the confetti. The coriandolata continues to grow and today iti s no longer just art but also a means to convey Sicilian innovation and creativity to the world. Sicily wants light and art can certainly lend a great hand !!

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    “Eugène Ionesco stated: “Only the ephemeral lasts. And, in fact, the ephemeral in art spans the centuries, knowing very high expressions, for example, in the architecture of the baroque” fire machines “that burned in a few moments. This ephemeral art is fascinating, because it sums up life and death, beauty and destruction. An ephemeral but contemporary and innovative art form, rich in extraordinary beauty, is Dario Liotta’s “Coriandolata”, already known internationally , in which colorful and fantastic images take shape, an art as ephemeral as life, and that speaks to us of color, traditions, identity, Sicily”

    Eliana Calandra, Madrina of tradition

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