Tuff and Sepia Bones
Daniela Pedone
"I believe that every human being, in their own way, has the task of leaving a trace of their passage on this earth."

Daniela Pedone was born in Palermo on July 22, 1975. After graduating from highschool, she attends a two-year course of ceramics. After a period in which she carries out the activity of ceramist, comes the revaluation of new poor and recycled materials, as the tuff or the cuttlefish bones, that lend themselves to be sculpted, and also the creation of nativities made inside of oyster shells. Even stones are part of the realization of pictorial creations depicting delightful nativities; in these singular nativities appear colorful characters of “facci ri balata” (Sicilian for bold person), which recall the traits of the dominations that followed one another in Sicily by all the rulers of history, from the Arabs to the Spanish. The works are also inspired by the varied Sicilian landscape reality, depicting customs and traditions and the inevitable prickly pear “cactus”, a symbol of Sicily. The predilection for poor materials, corresponds to her idea that, from nothing, and with little, you can create beauty.

“The gold of the sun and the grain, the blue of the sky and the sea, the red of our sunsets and the colors of our citrus fruits, are the shades of my artifacts, which evoke the scents and flavors of our beloved Sicily. Land of kaleidoscopic facets, from the heart that beats strong, made up of simple and hardworking people”.

The opinion of the Governance

Each creative has been included by the Governance after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations

Daniela Pedone expresses with her Art the intrinsic need of Man self discover . A research that pushes her to use what Mother Nature offers us to create forms in the constant search for color as an expression of the soul. A search, therefore, with and for Nature, highlighting the beauty that every “simple” element can give us.

Sara Favarò, Madrina of the Sun