Clementina Iuppa
"Art is the sharing of emotions, the sublimation of the Human being, what connects us to the Other from oneself"

Clementina Iuppa was born in Catania on the slopes of Etna and she is a lawyer, wife and mother of four children. She began crocheting as a child, at the age of ten, watched and learned the technique from a cousin and since then she has never stopped. To create her works, she prefers wool as a yarn and she ranges for various techniques, from the classic method to the free form. She is convinced that ancient crafts, such as the crochet technique, are a treasure to be handed down and preserved.

“I am a daughter of Etna, the Volcano, and from it I inherited an impetuous soul, sometimes kind, sometimes impetuous. I have a large, chaotic and sporty family. I practiced traditional Kung Fu as a physical and mental discipline. I love my land, its contrasts and its colors: the black of the lava rock and the red of the magma, the thousand shades of flowers and nature. Crochet, for me, is a form of meditation and an anti-stress that I could not do without. “

The opinion of the Governance

Each creative has been included by the Governance after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations

“The ability to handle crochet and “busi” relives in her artistic creations that are threads of conjunction with the past and, at the same time, valuable artistic continuity”

Sara Favarò, Madrina of the Sun

Artist’s artworks