Knife making
Antonino Versaci
"Art is the highest and most meaningful form of human expression on eart"

Antonino Versaci was born in Messina on January 20, 1986. Native of San Fratello (Me), learns from a very young age the ancient family tradition related to the implementation of the Sanfratellano knife, which represents the third generation. Over the years he broadened his horizons with historical study, research in the field thanks to the latest blacksmiths in life, the realization and enhancement through participation in many events and demonstrations at the national level, many other traditional Sicilian knives, from the classic pocket work knives to defense knives or used in real duels of honor of the times fortunately now passed.

“The knife can be defined as the smartphone of our grandparents, it represents one of the first tools made by human beings for their own survival that has been handed down and evolved over time as a “trusted friend” and strong symbol of Sicilian virility and pride”

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    The knife for man, has been over the centuries, a trusted companion from which one should never part.  Above all, it has been a friend with whom to work daily, often to defend oneself and sometimes dabble. A friend who should never be lent to anyone. Antonio Versaci knows the secrets of the knife. Having grown up in the family knife shop and having made his the secrets of this ancient and valuable art .

     Betty Scaglione Cimò, Madrina of the African sea

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